Lana Rasmussen

Condor Block Print Greeting Card Set


Condor Block Print Greeting Card Set of Six

(10% of all sales are donated to Ojai Raptor Center)

4" x 6" Block Print on Washi Paper

In honor of the critically endangered Gymnogyps Californianus and the largest wingspan in North America, the California Condor print is produced exclusively for Caravan Outpost.

Let's keep our planet as wild as possible.

Each work of mine is a means to connect with humanness in its simplest form. Starting first from a gestural line, I approach each piece much like that of a weaver or beadworker with close connection to material.

I meditate with line and apply laborious printmaking techniques and sometimes fill in with repetitious pattern, making the detail in my work very physical. I feel connected to historical works of ornament, which wield a bold graphic presence from a distance and a close connection to the hand by close review. The symbiosis of fluidity and retarint are the pillars of the forms I produce. There is an austere quality to my work, but truthfully I know a piece is successful when I can find a glimmer of laughter somewhere within it.

Lana Fee Rasmussen is a local artist in the Ojai Valley.