Lana Rasmussen

Icon Block Print


Icon, 2014

Block Print on Washi Paper

Size: 16" x 20"

Open Edition

"We all use iconic symbols as a means to feel connected to an idea at times. Growing up half-Native American (Muscogee Creek, Lenni-Lenape & Seminole), I was taught to cherish the same native symbols every other American kid grows up with. These symbols or icons tend to beome aimless cliches quite easily. I am curious as to what idea we (myslef included) are connecting with in an image of a Plains-style headdress?"

Available with Handcrafted Ash Frame ($400) or unframed ($75)

Each work of mine is a means to connect with humanness in its simplest form. Starting first from a gestural line, I approach each piece much like that of a weaver or beadworker with close connection to material.

I meditate with line and apply laborious printmaking techniques and sometimes fill in with repetitious pattern, making the detail in my work very physical. I feel connected to historical works of ornament, which wield a bold graphic presence from a distance and a close connection to the hand by close review. The symbiosis of fluidity and retarint are the pillars of the forms I produce. There is an austere quality to my work, but truthfully I know a piece is successful when I can find a glimmer of laughter somewhere within it.

Lana Fee Rasmussen is a local artist in the Ojai Valley.