Womens Seafarer™ Dungarees


Original SeaFarer™ Bell-Bottom Dungarees

In 1896, an Italian Immigrant named Tony Anzalone established a tailor shop to serve the Brooklyn Navy Yard. His craft, was taking the existing Navy issued apparel and altering the fit for individual customers. Over time, Tony's designs were so well executed that the Navy adopted many of his original patterns and hired him to became a supplier of sailing uniforms through his newly created company, Seagoing Uniforms™. Today, the original SeaFarer™ Bell-Bottom Dungaree from Seagoing Uniforms™ has virtually disappeared. Most were sold to apparel designers working in the 60's and 70's. Seafarer's were used as the base pattern for nearly every hip fashion brands' denim. In the summer of 2015, Caravan Outpost Foraged an entire vintage stock of the original SeaFarer™ Bell-Bottom Dungaree jeans. Caravan Outpost Seafarer™ stock has no alteration to their original style or construction and are not reproductions - they are the actual vintage one-of-a-kind stock from Seagoing Uniforms™. All Jeans contain hangtags and original sizing and contents labels, which make them extremely rare. Limited stock on hand of this item. A once in a lifetime find.

Cotton Poly Blend